welcome to meateatereater.com

meateatereater is a extreme metal band with intentions to entertain animals, animal rights activists & allies. meateaters are free to listen as well, but heed this warning: prepare to be consumed and then shit into a toilet as you do our friends.

meateatereater, the individual, is also an active animal liberation activist (minor rescue; major social/education) that usually works in the shadows due to the cancer of socialism and religion. meateatereater also has a deep scorn for the fake vegans epidemic (which gave birth to the inverted A's in the logo above)

meateatereater does not seem to be welcome in both meateater circles and socialist vegan circles, but meateaters are; they are treated as 'equals' with respect. meateaters rape murder and eat innocence. meateatereater does not.

hu = master

man = race

death to all... who murder

peace to all... with humans last in line

contact: coming soon if you are worthy

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